Frequently Asked Questions….. 

Can I pick my order/parts up at your location? - Yes you may. We do not have a storefront but customers are welcome to come purchase direct. We are located at 2300 South High Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73129 for the past 20 years.

How do you ship? - We use USPS Click-n-Ship for most products. Carb Kits + Spacer Ring + Weber Studs-n-Nuts will max out a Small Box. Carburetors and kits go into Mediums. Orders arriving before 2:00 pm Central Time generally ship same day.

Where do you ship? - If you have a mailing address, we can ship to your mail box. Yes we do International Shipping too. Contact us for postage/freight quote.

Payment Methods? - We like PayPal. It is a service which costs us but PayPal has purchase assurance for both sides of the agreement. Plus, PayPal keeps good records for repeat transactions. We will also take Mastercard and Visa, in person or over the phone. Your information is destroyed after the transaction has cleared our bank.

I need something repaired or reverse engineered. Can you help? - We have made numerous emergency repairs and reversed engineered fixes over the years. We like a challenge.

Do you install Samurai stuff? - Sometimes. We work with Deviant Customs for installations outside our comfort zone / time allotment. We have other customers products being machined, welded, assembled on any particular day. If we can’t get you right away, we can have it handled thru Deviant Customs.