Certified Machine & Design, Inc was incorporated in 1999, and founded by Mr. Gary Scantlin.
Mr. Scantlin has experience working for several major companies including Chicago Bridge and Iron, Mooney Aircraft, Nova Industries material handling firms and has several patents in specialized relief valve industries.

Gary is a Texas A&M Graduate who has been involved in the engineering field for twenty plus years.
He holds a degree in Welding Metallurgy, Engineering and Business Administration.
Gary also holds numerous patents on various application designs.

Our Mission Statement:

Certified Machine & Design, Inc has a track record of competently providing products to companies such as :

Arco Pipeline
Boardman Company
British Petroleum
Callidus Technologies
Circor Energy Products
House of Horsepower
John Zink Company
Mustang Engineering
Piper Oilfield Products
Piper Valve Systems
Seaway Pipeline
Stroud Safety
TEPPCO Pipeline