Roll bar connectors

I needed three for the week end… I stopped making them at about count 38. If you need some, I’m sure I can make you a deal!

Lifting bails

I made these lifting bails for the Air Force. They gave us a welded assembly (with impossible welding), and we redesigned it to a solid piece of 4130, complete with fillets. Thanks Guys!

Lincoln Tip

This little fellow connect to your Lincoln MIG guns and allows use of Tweco consumables. Now, go buy a new Lincoln welder, add this tip and save money by using up your Tweco parts.

Toyota 3K fuel fitting

When you can't find what you need - make it! This is the Toyota 3K fuel fitting - special inverted flare on the inside, metric straight threads plus a 3/16 (small) hose barb end.

Samurai engine mount

A little custom fab - This is an engine mount for Jo's Samurai that uses a chevy rubber motor mount. This should last awhile.

weld positioner Control Box

A new Control Box for a competitors weld positioner. We were able to add features and reduce costs with this retrofit. That's a KBB 125R, reversing 90 volt speed control. It will use a foot pedal and a operator pendant (with selection) for motion control. Another fine job by our electrical control folks - Thanks guys!

hydro-testing valves

This is a picture of 5 of 12 valves ready for hydro-testing in Kuwait!

Here is a picture of our valve after a bit of cryogenic testing. This was full of liquid nitrogen and measured -235 degrees. Everything passed with flying colors. Thanks to our crew!

Komatsu Bulldozer overhaul

No telling what we get into. Here is a little Komatsu Bulldozer whose undercarriage that we overhauled. We machined new rollers and replaced the clutches. Logan might be a little tired of listening to me! We have a great time here!

chinese valve in beam

Found this in Urumqi China - when one of the main support beams for the flare system is in the way - don't move the piping, just cut the beam!